"Where Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Technology"
How We're Different

With the recent surge in  laser acupuncture as an alternative to traditional acupuncture and traditional western medical treatments of today, we offer a wide variety of programs and treatments to individuals seeking medical help.  These programs and treatments are wide and diverse, making us an alternative consideration to traditional medicine. These programs cost much less than treatments and programs found elsewhere.

 Innovative Medicine remains committed to giving every individual the attention they deserve when it comes to alternative health care.

 Knowledgeable and Trusted

 Innovative Medicine is proud to be actively involved and associated with the following international institutions: University of Toronto Canada, Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Guangzhou University in China, University of New South Wales Australia, and Midwest College of Oriental Medicine and American Carpal Tunnel Institute.

These contacts, learning institutions, and information libraries make Innovative Medicine one of the most up to date alternative medical facilities in the United States.   We have the personnel at our disposal to monitor, network, and investigate all aspects of alternative medicine, the fastest growing sector seen in medicine today.  If we cannot offer the solution to a particular medical issue, we can often get an opinion from one of our many experienced health care professionals worldwide.

Treatment programs in fertility, stop-smoking, stress, sports medicine, pain therapy, arthritis, and many more health issues.